Independent Business Affiliate


There are many ways we work with advisors to help power their success. Independent Business Affiliates are firms or advisors who want to focus more of their time and energy on client facing activities. Administrative and compliance issues continue to grow in complexity putting constraints on your personal and professional time. United Advisors helps eliminate the frustrations of staffing and manning your back office.

If you’re ready to grow and leverage technology, and create efficiency, our Independent Business Affiliate program could be exactly what you’ve been looking for. You maintain 100% ownership of your business but virtually eliminate your non-client facing activities. You have access to United Advisors’ a la carte menu of tools and resources to help you create the business you desire. You’ll also benefit from being part of our community of like-minded, highly motivated advisors who understand the value of focusing on their unique abilities.

Is this model right for you? Click here for a list of services we provide to our IBAs.