How it Works for You

Our Advisor Services business models support you and your firm at specific transition points in your business life cycle. By taking non-client facing activities off of your daily “To Do” list and managing institutional platform relationships and access points, we free up time for you to focus on what you do best; working with clients and delivering financial advice.

Some firms we work with want to stay completely independent while accessing pricing and technology by affiliating with a larger firm. Others may want to partner with a firm and access back office services and business development support. We even provide a model for advisors that want to monetize their life’s work, create a legacy, and have their clients cared for after they exit the business.

Not all firms need our full suite of services, nor do they want to be charged for add-ons that do not enhance their bottom line or take away from their “payouts”. Our models offer packaged and a la carte service offerings that can be customized to meet your needs no matter what business challenges you are facing.

Wirehouse Advisors

Wirehouse Advisor Transition Services

  • Client / Book Platform Transitions
    • Transition Plan creation
    • Transition Plan execution
  • Office set-up and maintenance
  • Broker Dealer/RIA access
  • Licensing and registration for you and your staff
  • Technology set-up and ongoing maintenance
    • Email
    • E-Document storage
    • Trading and reporting software
  • Independent platform training for you and your staff
  • And more…