Continued operations in the event of a disruption, whether due to a major disaster or a minor incident, is a fundamental requirement for any organization. Although our industry requires a basic Disaster Recovery Plan, we have taken this SRO requirement one step further. Measuring ourselves against the highest of international standards, BS 25999, our team has taken the extra steps to ensure ongoing quality, customer satisfaction and the ability to provide continuity of operations during the most challenging and unexpected circumstances – protecting your staff, preserving your reputation and providing the ability to continue to operate.

This Business Continuity Management Standard was developed by the United Kingdom Accreditation Service and a broad based group of world class experts representing a cross-section of industry sectors and the government to establish the process, principles and terminology of Business Continuity Management. The standard focuses on continuous improvement in the areas of minimization of downtime, client satisfaction, business interruption and is implemented in order to reduce business risk, downtime and ensure continuity of operations in times of duress.

Being independently certified and annually re-certified to the BS 25999 by an independent third-party registrar (Perry Johnson Registrars, Inc.), is the ultimate assurance to our Affiliates and Partners that we comply with BCM worldwide best practices.